NuGenesis Dipping Powder French White


French White

2oz Jar

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NuGenesis Easy Dip Nail Technology

2 0z Jar

About NuGenesis Dipping Powder

Dipping powder is becoming the new standard in nail treatments. Your customers will love NuGenesis Dip Powder. You will notice first that there is no harmful and potentially painful primer, just a dehydrating nail prep solution. The process is odorless, so say goodbye to the foul smell of your standard acrylic and gel treatments. Furthermore, NuGenesis nails does not require harmful UV or LED lamps.

Your customers will love the light, natural feel of their dip powder nail treatment. Their new nails will also last longer that comparable nail treatments, and will stand up to the wear and tear that we expose our fingernails to on a daily basis.

Convinced yet? NuGenesis dipping powder treatment has calcium and vitamin E for added nail health benefits.

NuGenesis is dedicated to high quality, innovative dipping powder products that are stylish, inexpensive and safe for customers and nail technicians alike.


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