Matching Gel Polish and Nail Polish Combos -A Staple For Any Nail Salon

Daisy DND Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer DuoWhen CND first released its gel polish called Shellac Power Polish years ago, the nail industry gasped in awe and surprise. It was applied with a brush in the cap like polish, strong like acrylics, quicker to cure, and lasted much longer than nail polish. When another enterprising company decided to take it a step farther, and introduce a gel and matching polish together, everyone collectively knocked their head and said “why didn’t I think of that?!”

Since then, there are scores (at least) of nail products vendors that have a line of gel and matching polish – some better than others. There are the expensive name brands like CND and OPI that have their matching colors, although are not usually sold together. You have your mid-range companies who have matching gels and lacquers like IBD, China Glaze, Nail Harmony, just to name a few.

Discount Gel Polish Vendors

Then you have the mass market vendors who target the Vietnamese-owned salons. There is Perfect Match, Gel II, iGel, DND, and of course a plethora of others. We prefer DND for a variety of reasons.

DND Gel Polish Duo Beats Them All

First of all, DND matches the gel to the polish quite well – better than some other low cost duos. When the colors match well, the customer is happy. That’s the goal, right – customer satisfaction? So if the customer is happy, then of course that make us happy.

DND also has many shades of a particular color. If you like red, then DND has a dozen or more variations of reds, some darker, some lighter, others with a shade of orange, etc. The same applies to pinks, nudes, and peachy colors. It’s a wonderful idea for those picky customers who always want something just a shade different than what you have.

We love the affordability of DND. We are able to pass on the savings to salon owners and nail technicians. Everyone loves a great bargain, don’t they? Well DND is just that.

The DND manufacturer is great to work with outside of the sale. They always have color display charts with their new collections colors, and provide us with display racks.

So, if you are looking for a gel and polish duo that has a wide variety of colors, is inexpensive, and that will delight your customers, then consider DND. You won’t be disappointed!






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